Elena Knyazkova's performance has left sensation of the certain fantastic ideality which are not having anything common with such concepts, as weight, work, sweat, fear. The innocent person, the most gentle outlines of a figure, and technique, about it you do not think at all as, this phenomenon « flies as down from lips of Iola ».
Theatrical critic Irina Kirianova

Original opening of competition became E .Knyazkova - in Varna she has proved as the ballerina, for which classical dance - her habitat nature, alive language, that quivering string that connects the actress to auditorium. Knyazkova feels rich figurative opportunities of the academic lexicon, a multivalence of its intonational paints, self-value of its expressive means …
Galina Inozemtseva (Russia)

Performance of E. Knyazkova extremely concentrates qualities of Russian school - cleanliness, academism, severity of forms in a combination to a poetical atmosphere and lightness of dance.
Varna has given the world one more talent.
Maria Rusanova (Bulgaria)

In one and a half year after the graduating of school Elena has received a three-room apartment in Moscow under the petition of the Ministry of culture.
Since 1991 works as conducting ballerina in troupe “the Big theatre - Grigorovich ballet » in a class of M.V. Kondrat'eva, the national actress of the USSR.
In 1993 the premiere of ballet «La Fille Mal Garde» on a stage of the Big theatre in statement Y. Grigorovich which was dated for opening 7-th International competition of ballet dancers in Moscow. In main party of Liza - E. Knyazkova.

Opening for spectators became E. Knyazkova in party of Liza, shown not only the magnificent form of pure dancing classics, but also able to live in an image, flashed in a pantomime, and in ensemble episodes, and in a hardest fuete of the last act.
Victor Vanslov
( the doctor of art criticism,
The academician of the Russian academy of arts)

1993 - a gold medal at 7-th international competition of ballet dancers in Moscow.
1995 - winner of the international competition in Luxembourg.
1997 - Has ended the Russian Academy of theatrical art (GITIS) in Moscow, branch the teacher - choreographer on N. Orlovskaya class.
In 1999 the owner "Grand prix" « the Debut - 99 » for performance Mari in ballet "Nutcracker" in statement of Y. Grigorovich became E. Knyazkova.

« The Pearl of a pas de deux of ballet "Nutcracker" in Y.N. Grigorovich's statement is an adagio, executed by E. Knyazkova, it is brilliant, with unusual accuracy and a piquancy. Refinement and dramatic nature hide in magnificence of her performance.
Anna Kisel'gor (USA)

In 2001 Elena Knyazkova has received a honorary title of the Deserved actress of Russia.

In 2002 Elena receives "Grand Prix" for the best performance of Juliet in ballet of Prokofiev «Romeo and Juliet» in Y. Grigorovich's statement.

The main thing in Knyazkova’s Juliet is self-value of this graceful, ideal forms of an essence, because of what, actually Romeo also has allocated her on solemn reception, has unconsciously distinguished through a smoke of torches and flashing masks.
Alexander Kolesnikov

Delightful E. Knyazkova becoming far from Russia the present, big ballerina, her opportunities are opened with each new party, she for a long time has overcome frameworks of any certain role. Her Rita in the first stages it is marked almost Ulanova’s simplicity and weightlessness dancing speech. In restaurant stages she is the real divine refined in all - gesture, behavior, a sight. Transformation from the fairy morning to the night one Knyazkova fills besides surprising theatricality. In the new version of "Golden Age" Grigorovich opens typically ballet collision of the white and black twin, which we did not notice before.
Alexander Kolesnikov
The candidate of art criticism

Elena Knyazkova amazes with the absolute skill especially impressing if to mean, that she still conducts life of the wandering star which have been not connected to concrete troupe, the teacher, so not attributed to any school. The surprising phenomenon contradicting to all rules and traditions of native ballet. The star of Big and Mariinsky ballets can be absent any long at theatre, being engaged in an individual craft, but, anyhow, coming back «on base», having dropped to Anthey’s ground, she starts to be restored moreover and to distribute to infinite interviews about feeling of the native house, a favorite stage, etc. Knyazkova is absolutely deprived similar actor's cynicism, all her interview, that I had to read, open an actress and the person of such advantage and internal freedom, that involuntarily think - and you see she, perhaps, in modern our ballet shop one such, rather independent. She freely chooses the company, repertoire, the choreographer, the country of residing, the partner, - today in London with Irek Mukhamedov, and tomorrow in Krasnodar. Probably, values of a trade are realized by her as the most reliable capital, Y. Grigorovicht) feels it and much allows to her. In "Spartacus" specially for her something is changed in a party of Phrygia. Last Juliet is created literally on her. But she also is created for Juliet - this resolute, bright girl. We can tell that in dance of Knyazkova involves the dance as it is, instead of those moral senses with which ballerinas are usually allocated, for the sake of the proof of their skill.
Alexander Kolesnikov

I am am amazed with Elena Knyazkova. It dances all my prime-ministers perfectly, being in the magnificent form.


The best New Year's gift became ballet from Russia - troupe "Grigorovich ballet". The performer of the main party "Mary" Elena Knyazkova is worthy admiration. Graceful as the figurine with filigree technics, unique charm, gave spectators really sensation of magic and a miracle.

Clayv Baris . The USA

On a stage of Mariinsky theatre from August, 12 till August, 24th, 2004 passed tours of theatre of ballet of Jury Grigorovich. Ballet "Golden Age" in Grigorovich's original version can be seen only in execution of its theatre.

Event ballet becomes owing to participation in it of Elena Knyazkovoj who dances Rita's party, and on its share the kind half of the applause continually interrupted a natural course of performance, and ten-minute an applause in the ending (" from hands " the Petersburg public who knows and still appreciates own idols - especially pleasant and dear) has had.

Its success - deserved. Knyazkova - from those ballerinas who name intellectual. Even its hands - continue and äë˙ň an idea. A little bit discharged manner and quiet overcoming of technically complex dance combining ballet classics with "sports" style of 20th years, in Knyazkovoy, perhaps, are expiated by internal experience and the internal maintenance.

Besides, that for it as though there is nothing difficult and all leaves easily, without efforts, dance becomes natural, but not unique expression of feelings of the heroine.