Elena was born in city of Volgograd. Since three years was engaged in art gymnastics and at once has declared itself as a rare nugget. Therefore at once it was enlisted in combined team of the region. In 7 years in view of exception it was admitted on allied competitions where participated the best ten years' girls of the country. With a huge separation, having won I-st place, Elena receives the I-st adult category and becomes a member of youth combined team of Zenith club. The set of champion titles, an advancing of allied classifications, the state grant have not stopped before a choice - gymnastics or ballet.
In 10 years she was accepted in Leningrad Choreographic school during five minutes by the supreme points and it is authorized on management fund in view of unique set of all data. Despite of successes in study, on the big industrial practice, on the quivering attitude of teachers and administrations to the talented girl, Elena was necessary to leave from Leningrad because of a climate.
Without attending lectures, over one year of training of a choreography, Elena was accepted in the Moscow choreographic school at 3-rd year of training. Study in the Moscow school combined with employment by art gymnastics.
Studying in 5/8 class, Lena has received the invitation to study in the Voronezh choreographic school with prospect of granting of all conditions for study, practice and participation in competitions.

Studying at II-nd rate, she became the winner of the All-Russia competition of Vaganov in Leningrad. The same year she was taken under the control of the Ministry of culture, as extremely talented student.

Studying at III-rd rate, E. Knyazkova has passed selection competition (on the top stage of the Big theatre) and was named by S.I. Golovnina the first applicant for the international ballet competition in Varna.

In 17 years Elena has graduated the Voronezh choreographic school on S. Dorofeeva's class with the red diploma and three supreme points 5 + in special subjects, and was invited in many theatres of the country (Minsk, Moscow, Voronezh and many others) as a prima with granting an apartment. She was also invited by S. Golovnina training at Academy.

Lena has chosen troupe «Russian Ballet».
Right after release has danced performances "Gizell" and « Don Quixote » with national actor of Russia V. Gordeev.

In 1990 Elena has won at the International competition of ballet dancers in Varna.